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Opening: Tea, East & West

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Our opening at the stunning Sunbury Shores Art & Nature Centre went beautifully, in large part thanks to a wonderful bunch of volunteers.  The gallery itself is gorgeous, and the setting is superb–I adore St. Andrews.  Lee and I are both so happy with our work, and the show.  It really is so gratifying when […]

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* Well, we finished with a bang!  And with a sense of togetherness, which is always nice.  Bangs sometimes engender solidarity, and when I instructed Lee to run up and close the chimney damper while I was finished up the kibuta (wood-pig: this is when we stuff the firebox full of wood for a final, […]

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New Work from the Electric Kiln

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* I am ridiculously excited about this new body of work.  I’ve been dreaming of this stuff for years, and it just sort of appeared in the kiln…So far, the reception to the work has been very warm and enthusiastic. Some of the smaller works from this series will be available at the Beaverbrook Gallery […]

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Blue Moon Firing

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* We started the fire right after the blue moon, and in keeping with the vow that I continually break, of not saying anything if I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t go into great detail as to the intense level of disorganization and ridiculousness that once again punctuated and, well, defined, in […]

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